Kesaksian_00“I often suffer from itching of the skin all over the body. I’ve tried various kinds of drugs and prescription from doctors. Even outside the range of drugs applied to the skin I have tried but no result. Eventually I was offered by my friend god mushroom product and the results are quite remarkable. The itch that felt before within a matter of hours faded away and no recurrence until now”.

Kesaksian_01“I was almost desperate for treatment and cure of diabetes mellitus or blood sugar that I suffered from a dozen years ago. I have tried various medicines either medically or traditional, but I do not know why my sugar levels remain high. I’ve even tried to consume various drugs obtained from many countries with a fairly expensive but again I still disappointed that my blood sugar levels still high. Until finally I tried eating god mushroom products. And it is true after I consumed for 2 weeks with 1 tablet 3 times a day and regular diet, my blood sugar levels decrease drastically from 340 to 168 which is almost close to normal”.

Kesaksian_02“Rheumatic and tingling in my hands every night really made me suffered. Every night I have trouble sleeping due to rheumatic pain and stiffness in my arm. Various rheumatic drugs and stiff I have tried. But I can only be disappointed, because every night the pain was always coming. God mushroom really powerful to cure rheumatic which I suffered. I can now sleep soundly and wake up refreshed in the morning”.

Kesaksian_04“I now can feel more alive, high blood pressure that I suffered made me really can not enjoy my life. Often upset, headache and a lot of restrictions that I should avoid so that my blood pressure wont rise. Whereas eating satay is my favorite. But now no longer a problem, since I take the god mushroom products, I do not feel my high blood pressure anymore”.

Kesaksian_05“I had to stop working earlier, but the needs and demands of my family was too many. This is caused by a disease that I suffered. Cholesterol and gout, are now no longer a problem for me. Since I consume god mushroom product, disease that I suffered for decades and is very annoying me ended up fade away from my body. So that I can work again properly and help the needs of my family”.