Development And Production Of Herbal Medicines

POSTED BY developer | Mar, 16, 2018 |

PT. Agaricus Sido Makmur Sentosa – ASIMAS is a company that produces various kinds of herbal medicine, such as cancer drug, diabetes drug, herbal tea and many more, our company is a manufacturer of herbal medicine, of course the products we sell quality herbal medicine because our company motto is product quality of course in the development of herbal medicine company, require the role of research and development divi that always do product development in accordance with the demand and consumer needs. Production of Herbal Medicines Implementation of the production process and product development process must be in accordance with fixed procedures that have been specified. Data collection methods were conducted with primary data collection (in the form of structured interviews, open interviews and focused discussions), secondary data, and documentation. Medicinal herbs that become icons in ASIMAS is made of mushroom Agaricus blazei murill or often known as the mushroom god, is a plant that can be used for drugs, such as diabetes, hypertension, and cancer. Mushroom god contains beta glukan compound, ergosterol, and terpenoid. These compounds have the potential to be anti-cancer. Therefore need to be developed for testing the anticancer ability of this god mushroom extract on servick cancer cells. The results of this study are expected to contribute to the world of education in particular and the general public in an alternative in the treatment of using herbal medicine. Our products are made of mushroom gods namely agaric puree, abm pro, jovens and many more.


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