Company Profile

logo asimas           PT Agaricus Sido Makmur Sentosa (ASIMAS) which established by Deed No. 42 dated February 24, 2014 made before SYAIFUL RACHMAN, SH. notary in Surabaya and has been registered to the Surabaya District Court No. AHU-01199.40.10.2014. ASIMAS is the only company that cultivated Agaricus blazei Murill mushrooms since 2002. Which then Agaricus blazei Murill known as god mushroom. ASIMAS located at Inspektur Polisi Soewoto St. No. 5-8 Bedali Lawang, Malang, phone (+62) 341 – 422647 has been working with the Faculty of Pharmacy, University of Gadjah Mada (UGM) in Yogyakarta, UB Medical School and leading Universities in Indonesia. This is one of our commitment to provide and present a product that is really guaranteed and qualified.

In addition to cultivating fungus Agaricus blazei Murril, ASIMAS also engaged in cultivation and sale of mushroom consumption. Among the cultivated mushroom is a fungus that includes Ear Fungus (Auricularia auricula), Oyster Mushroom (Pleurotus ostreatus) and Zi Ling Mushroom (Ganoderma lucidum).

Especially for the cultivation of Agaricus blazei Murril we use pure natural cultivation techniques under the assistance and direct supervision of an expert from Japan with seeds guaranteed authenticity \where we get it directly from its origin in Brazil.

Our registrated licence:

Company Registration (TDP)       : 132 535 200 849

Industrial Permit sign (TDI)          : TDI No. 530/21/421 115 / TDI / 2004

Permission of Small Industries

Traditional Medicine (IKOT)         : IKOT No. P2T / 5 / 03:10 / II / 2012

Trading License (License) Small  : 180/0401 / SIUP-K / 421 302/2013 / PI

Disturbance Permit (HO)              : 180/0257 / HO / 421 302/2010

Brand Certificate “Agaric”             : IDM000382990

To produce a truly qualified product, we are using facilities and infrastructure which is semi automatic with a guaranteed quality and supported by skilled and trained human resources that we have prepared well.

Agaricus Sido Makmur Sentosa is a private company that was established on November 22, 2001. Agaricus Sido Makmur Sentosa (ASIMAS) as a company that is addressed in the Jalan Inspektur Polisi Soewoto No. 5-8 Bedali Lawang (Phone or Fax: 0341-422647), with TIN: 02-080-155-1-657-000.

At its inception the company is only as a company that cultivated mushroom of Agaricus Blezei Murril (Gods Mushroom). From this name so that the company named Agaricus Sido Makmur Sentosa (ASIMAS).

However, in early 2003, the market stalled god mushroom caused by the impact of market competition and mushroom production and discontinued stock god of gods dried mushrooms can not be sold. So, to save the continuity of the company, the management in this case did the variant types of mushrooms mushroom cultivation consumption. There are 3 types of mushrooms that can be used for consumption: Oyster White (Pleorotus Florida), Oysters Chocolate (Pleorotus Abalonus) and Ear Mushrooms (Auricularia auricula). However, at first in ASIMAS, the cultivation process can not produce themselves, but rather we got the supply from Mojokerto. In its development only White Oyster mushroom species (Pleorotus Florida) that can survive, both in terms of production and marketing process.

At the end of 2003, the company to make improvements in all aspects to try additional products in the form of tea brewed with three different scents, which is Aroma Pandan, Jasmine Aroma and Natural Aroma. In addition, to facilitate the sale of Mushrooms god that temporary stopped and had a lot of dry stock, then using the dry ingredients of God Mushrooms we invented a new product of tea: Agaric Tea (tea mix and mushroom god) and Agaric Pure 100 (capsules with the basic ingredients of the godmushroom without chemical processes).

For market research, ASIMAS tried several types of new products such as: Exclusive Tea with 5 different flavors: Jasmine, Lemon, Natural, Ginger and Vanilla (all of these products in the form of tea bags and packaged in a box containing 20 and 25 tea bag), there is also Agaric Diabetes Drop, a diabetes drug with a smaller package. In addition to the products in the form of beverages and herbal medicines (capsule), the company also produces mushroom chips, nuggets and sausages with the raw material of white oyster mushroom, this is done in anticipation of the overload harvesting / production on certain conditions. However, these conditions are not in line with our expectations.

Because the market is not well explored, many products of brewed tea and tea bags returned and can not be sold so we only stored them in the warehouse until the end of 2008 shall be destroyed and only produce based on the clients needs and market demand which are still loyal.

The evaluation results indicate that the machine is not invested optimally utilized. That’s the basis of the evaluation of companies think of diversification by making tolling process services . Begin in mid-2006, the company received the tolling process services.

Tolling process services market in 2006, the end has received a great response from the public. Looking at these developments, the owner of the company lent building located in front of the company to the company to be used temporarily. Until now the building is still used by the company. The building was actually planned for other business of the owner, is due to the utilization of these efforts have not been realized yet at that time.

After evaluated in 2009, there is significantly increase in turnover every year , but the cost is also increased, resulting in relatively the same advantage. The high cost is due to the weaknesses, especially in the cultivation of mushrooms. Where, for 3 years in the production process suffered considerable damage so it had a less significant advantage. In the other hand, also due to price competition in the business services and mushrooms tolling process is quite large, which results in the difficulty of selling price increases. But we still strive to increase the selling price gradually.

In 2013, with the change of government regulation, PT ASIMAS did permit the filing of change principle of IKOT be IOT. In addition, we began to do an application for permission for the development of herbal products towards cosmetics (Cosmetic Industry). With the licensing IOT, we can produce the preparation: Capsules, Tablets, Oral Powder, Liquid Medication, whereas for Cosmetic Industry permitt we can produce preparation: Cream, Gel, Pasta, Liquid, viscous liquid, Loose Powder, and Soap.